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This web site is dedicated to Sri Kshetram “Madhuranthakam”,  place where of the beloved  Guru Bhagavath Ramanuja Got the Upadesham from Periya Nambhi also known as Mahapurna


Periya Nambhi doing Pancha Samaskaram at Madhuranthakam

Contact Details
Thiru. M. Madhavan
Executive Officer,
Sri Erikatha Ramar ( A.k.a) Kothanda Ramar Koil,
Madhuranthakam: 603 306
Kanchipuram District

Temple Timings 7.30 Am to 11.30 Am & 4.30 Pm to 8.30 Pm, During festival time timings are subject to change.
For Information & Visit please contact the above person

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