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This Sri Kshetram is known as VagulaAranya Kshetram, Long long ago this Kshetram was Vibandaka Maharishi's ashram . It is said while Lord Rama was returning back to Ayodhya after Ravana Samharam in Pushpaka Vimanam, On request of Vibandaka Maharishi he descended to his ashram in VagulaAranya Kshetram (Present day Madhuranthakam ).Here the Specialty is Lord Rama is Holding Sita Piratis hand and it is said he is giving darshan in Kalyana Thiru Kollam. Then Lakshmana is also with Rama and Sita Pirati. Then afterwards Lord Raman reached Here the specialty is Two Uthsavars are there. We have Sri Bhoo Devi Samedha Karunakara Perumal and also Sita , Lakshmana Samedha Ramachandra Murthy. Then after fulfilling Vibandaka Maharishi's wishes Lord Rama went back to Ayodhya. Then after Rama Pataabhisheka Lord Rama gifted His aradhanamurthy Lord Ranganatha to Vibhishana and we all know how Namperumal played his leela and placed himself in Bhooloka Vaikunta - Srirangam. Then it is said that then Rama asked for Sri Bhoo Devi Samedha Karunakara Perumal to Ayodhya and and worshipped , then at the time of Sri Ramachandra Murthy leaving for Sri Vaikunta he instructed Seeriya Thiruvadi to go and place the Karunakara Perumal at Sri VagulaAranya Kshetram of Madhuranthakam. Then on we have Karunakara Perumal and also Sita ,Lakshmana Samedha Kothandarama. Karunakara Perumal is also known as Periya Perumal since he was the aradhana moorthy of Sri Ramachandra. Here all the Usthavam is held for Karunakara Perumal only. Only two days in a year the Usthavam is held for Ramachandra Murthy. He gives Seva in five different alankaram during this two days. During Sriramanavami Usthavam on Sriramanavami day and in Aani month on 7th day on Star Constellation of Moola Nakshatram Sri Rama Chandra Moorthy has Usthavam. Then we have seen the description of Udayavars Panchasamaskara Vybhavam.


Please download in MP3 format to What Our V C Rangaraja Bhattar has to say about Dwayam Villaintha Thirupathi. a beautiful narration.

Please download in MP3 format to What Our V C Rangaraja Bhattar has to say about Mahathmiyam of the VagulaAranya Kshetram.



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