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I have tried to present the Sri Periya Nambhis Charitram , it may be available in websites but I am presenting it once again and if any mistakes please bear with me and point out the mistake by a private mail please.

Periya Nambhigal .

Periya Nambhigal also known as Mahapurna was the one of the Five Precipitators who taught Bhagwath Ramanuja.Peria Nambhigal was a person with large heart, you can see true to his name his heart his also large, will anyone encourage his pupil to study under different gurus, and also keeps a tab on his pupil, and will you imagine he sacrificed his life for his for the welfare of his protégé. Now let us study more about this unique Guru of our Jagath guru.He was born in the Tamil year of Hevilambi (997 C E). in the Tamil month of Margazhi on a Wednesday, under the asterism of Jeshta ( Ketai Nakshatram) Star. It is said that He is the amsham of Kumudhaksha a Nityaasuri in Vaikunta. His parents named him as Parankusadasa. we don't have much information about his early part of his life. He was born in Bharadwaja Gothra in Good Brahacharnam In guruparampara text it is mentioned that he is one of the Pradhana Shishya Of  Yamunaithuraivan oh i mean Alavandar who is also known as Yamunacharya .{For those who are new to this subject i wish to inform that Yamuna was the grandson of Founding father of Sri vaishnavism Sri nathamunigal. It is Nathamunigal who laid a strong foundation for a sapling named Sri vaishnavism , then Sri Yamuna the grandson of Sri Nathamunigal took care of the sapling and it grew into a small plant ,then Bhagavath Ramanuja who is the Incarnation of Adhiseshan descended the Bhooloka in this kali yuga to propagate the Sri Vaishnavism faith ,He was guided by his five precipitators who were the Pradhana Shishyas of Alwanadar, then the plant grew into a big tree and then under Swami Desikan and Sri Manavala Munigal it grew further into a massive tree and it is flourishing now and it is grown into a massive banyan tree and it is has branched all over the world.}.

Our Yamunaithuraivan had seen the our Young Ramanuja along with Yadhavaprakasha in Thirukachi during the formers one of the visit to the place, he saw a divya thejus in our Ramanujars face but did not disturb him as he was busy in studies, a thought came to yamuna that he will be the beacon of Sri vaishnavism in near future, Then he prayed to Lord Varadhan to Help him in this regard, Then yamuna went back to Srirangam ,Then one day he told Mahapurna to go and fetch the Young Ramanuja to Srirangam as he wanted to see him. Mahapurna went to Kanchi , He located Ramanuja and placed himself near the earshot distance of him and started reciting some particular verse from Yamuna's "Stotraratna" Glorifying the Lord Sriman Narayana compared to other Gods, Once Ramanuja heard this he immediately looked to the direction where the sloka was recited then , He asked who is the author of this sloka, then Mahapurna told it was Yamunacharya, then Ramanuja told Mahapurna that he would like to meet him, since the saraamsa conveyed by sloka and also the what was Ramanujars Views about Sriman Narayana was same. Then they both proceeded towards the Srirangam by that time Yamuna had gone back to Vaikunta shedding his mortal coil. Ramanuja was sad and then both participated in Journey of Yamuna's Physical bodies last Journey. Then when Ramanuja went and saw the Physical body of Yamuna , he observed that three fingers of Yamuna's hands were in folded condition as if he wanted to convey something to somebody, Then we all know about the further story that Alavanadar had three unfulfilled wishes , then some people told about this to Ramanuja and he vowed to fulfill the same. Immediately the fingers straightened. Then after the event , Ramanuja returned back to kanchi little dejected and continued his services to Lord Devadirajan. After hearing the Alavandars shostra and what was taught to him at Yadhavaprakasha Academy were contradictory and he was little confused , so then turned to his well wisher, friend philosopher and guide Sri Thirukachi Nambhigal another of the great soul who was doing Alavatta ( Fanning) Kainkaryam to Lord Theperumal and it is said that he was in in talking terms with Supreme Lord of Kanchi and his consort to help him. Then As desired by Young Ramanuja , Thirukachi Nambhigal asked Deva Perumal about his doubt , Then Lord Told him six pints ( We will deal about it in detail in In Udayavars Vybhavam Page separately ) Then Lord deva Perumal also told Nambhigal to convey to Ramanuja that he should accept Mahapurna or Periya Nambhigal as his Preceptor who was staying in Srirangam. As this divine command was conveyed to Ramanuja then he immediately left for Srirangam. Then the same way Our Namperumal commanded Periya Nambhigal to Accept Ramanuja as his pupil and guide him. so at he same time Periya Nambhigal also left for Thirukachi. The fate desired something and it wanted to Bring Glory to VagulaAranya Kshetram of Madhuranthakam , and latter on in the History of Sri Vaishnavism the place came to be known as "Dwayam Villaintha Thirupathi " I will give a nice narration about what my well wisher and Bhattar Sri V C Rangaraja Bhattar told about this Sri Kshetram of Madhuranthakam ( I will narrate what he told and also give a option to download the recording of what Rangaraja Bhattar expressed in MP3 format) Now let us now move on to Periya Nambhigals Vybhavam, I am sorry I am often deviating from main track of the history. I am trying to give whatever I was told by my elders, I am giving you explanation so that those youngsters who are new to Sri Vaishnavism will understand ) ,now we will come back to main track , one fine day it was Avani Month , Sukhla Paksha , Panchami Thi-thi ,Periya Nambhigal reached Madhuranthakam and so our Ramanuja also. Then they both met at the Madhuranthakam Eri and then and greeted each other and both conveyed the divine command of Lord Devadirajan and Namperumal to each other, Then Nambhigal was very glad and he told let us hurry to Thirukachi and do the Panchasamaskara aka Saranagathi at the Devaperumals Sannidhi, but Ramanuja was not willing to go to kanchi and he quoted a sloka and told let us get it done at this Place where our Saranagatha Vathsalans Sannidhi. ( Rama gives ashraya to those who approached him. You will know about Vibhishana , Samurdhararajan who surrendered at the feet of Saranagatha Vathsalan ) Then Nambhigal was moved by Ramanujars words and he immediately told let us go take a dip in the hold Eri and they hurried to the temple then prayed to Lord Kothandarama, and also his Aradhana Perumal Karunakara, Then Nambhigal told it is divine will and then prayed to all Janakavalli Thayar and then went near the Maghizam tree behind the temple, there Nambhigal took out the Aradhana Moorthy of his Lord Sri Krishna and then conducted the all the five rituals known as Panchasamaskara. Then Periya Nambhigal did the Sankuchkranganam, Then Udhvapudhara daranam, Dasya Namam ,then Yagyasamaskaram and Mantrathratnam of Dwayam. When you go to Madhuranthakam please don't miss to ask the Bhattars to show you the Panchajanyam and Chakra which as used by Mahapurna to do Panchasamaskara to Ramanuja and also the Dolai Kannan worshipped by the Periya Nambhigal. ( Every year The event commemorating the holy Panchasamaskara Vybhavam of Udayavar is celebrated here in grand manner every year on Avani Month in Sukla Paksha Panchami Thi-thi. You can easily remember this day , because it falls on very next day after the Vinayaka Chathurthi which is celebrated throughout India My humble request is please make time and visit Madhuranthakam ( last year it was pathetic condition because Udayavar and Periya Nambhigal were supposed to be carried to Bhashyakarar Padi thurai and then do Thirumanjanam to both and then come back and Panchasamaskara Vybhavam is enacted under tree very same Maghizam tree where original event took place long long ago). Sorry I am often taking you often from main track., what i wanted to convey was the crowd participation was less and they have to bring water  from Kinaru and conduct the Thirumanjanam as there was not enough people , so kindly make sure you participate in this event, as you all celebrate events in your household.

Then After this event Ramanuja wanted to serve his Guru and he requested Periya Nambhigal to come and stay with him and then continue his studies under him , they , after reaching Thirukachi He accommodated his Guru in a portion of his house. It is said he taught Ramanuja Brahma sutras and Divya Prabhandam except the Thiruvaymozhi . Then a small incident happened and the it shows the humility and his large heart of Periya Nambhigal. It is said the when Periya Nambhigals wife was drawing water from well in he portion allotted to her but some water from her pot fell on the pot of water which Ramanujars wife was drawing. Then they had a small quarrel ,when Periya Nambhigal heard of the incident , he did not want to put turbulence in his pupils family life , without informing his Disciple he quietly along with wife left for Srirangam , without informing his pupil. When Ramanuja heard of this incident he was deeply disgusted with his wife's behavior, he was already annoyed with his wife for Thirukachi Nambhigals dinning incident.Then after sometime vexed with his wife's behavior Ramanuja decided to take Sanyasa, he took Sanyasa and traveled to Srirangam the Fort of Sri vaishnavism , he met his Guru and prostrated and took his ashis and took the reins of the vast establishment of Yamunaithuraivan as his successor, as usual like any other Guru he wanted his pupil get the best possible in the earth. You see the Vishala Hrudiya of great teacher Periya Nambhigal , he desired that Ramanuja should also learn from his co disciple of Yamunacharya who specialized in certain branch of Sampradaya Scriptures, So he recommended Ramanuja to Sri Thirukoshtiyur Nambhigal aka Sri Goshtipurna to learn ashtaakshara and charmasloka in detail, Then he sent him to Alavandar Alwar to study Thiruvaymozhi and Stotraratna and ther Hymns, then to Maladhara to do further advanced studies in Thiruvaymozhi and then to Ramanujars Own maternal Uncle Sri Thirumalai Nambhigal aka Sri Srisailapurna for studies of Srimad Ramayana) This clearly shows the magnanimity of Periya Nambhigal and it also showed he was not jealous and tolerance towards his peers and co-disciples. He closely monitored the Ramanujars Progress and also he knew Ramanuja needs all asthras ( here read it as knowledge ) to defend the Sri Vaishnavism faith in future. please note a small incident which shows Mahapurna's concern for his protégé , the incidence is When Ramanuja was under the tutelage of Maladhara for further studies in Thiruvaymozhi, Teacher found pupil giving the correct interpretation to a certain verse which Maladhara never heard, So he chided Ramanuja and told he will not teach him further, Then on getting the news of these incidence Periya Nambhigal took Thirukoshtiyur Nambhigal and met Maladhara and explained that Ramanuja was a brilliant , Devine soul and he was no ordinary person , The new interpretation which he gave was in fact mentioned by their Guru Alavandar and hence it is correct. Observe one more incidence which will show Periya Nimbigal's Dayalu Ghuna. Maneri Nambhigal was a co disciple of Alavandar (Maneri Nambhigal was of a lower caste ), Maneri Nambhigal Passed away and nobody was there to do last rites , so our dayalu ghuna Periya Nambhigal did his last rites, certain people objected ,for that he citied the precedent of Sri Ramachandra Murthy performing the last rites of Jatayu a mere pakshiraja and A Noble King Yudhishtra in spite being the Kshtriya he performed the last rites for Vidhura a was of lower caste. He asked in what way he is better than two great souls, and also he has discharged his duties according to Sri Namalwar's teachings.

Now we are coming to last part of Periya Nambhis life and it is the ultimate sacrifice for his disciple Ramanuja, We all know there was a evil Chola King named Kolothunga Cholan aka Keermikandan Cholan , He was a staunch Shivate and did not tolerate any other religion. He had a wicked Advisor named Nalooran who incidentally was a Shishya of Koortha Alwan. Keermikandan summoned the Bhagavath Ramanuja to his Court, Then Our Koorathalwan ( Whose 1000 Birth Anniversary we are going to celebrate shortly ) prevailed upon Udayavar not to go the Kings court for the sake of Sri Vaishnavism sake, and asked him to give his ascetic robe and escape in white robe . ( We all know Udayavar Followed the course of River Cauvery and reached Melnadu), Periya Nambhigal On hearing the danger which has come to his disciple and supreme sacrifice which Koorathalwan was making , Nambhigal offered to go along with Koorthalwan in spite of knowing that he will be harmed by evil king. Periya Nambhigal felt that Alwan should not be left to defend himself at Kings court all alone. He also felt also as a preceptor of Ramanuja and Senior Surviving Vaishnavite he had to defend the system Propounded by Alavandar and carried forward by Sri Ramanuja . All this things would have made Nambhigal to accompany Koorathalwan despite of his ninety years old age. We we will see what happened in Chola Kings court in Kooram website and also udayavars Charitharam , so let us not elaborate Much. Then at Kings court Nambhigals Eyes was gouged out by kings minions and Koorathalwan himself plucked his eyes, While Alwan survived and reached Srirangam with great difficulty , but Mahapurna died en route to Srirangam unable to bear the agony of the cruelty.

Now to conclude we can say Nambhigal is truly is Periya Nambhigal, He was highly dependable person and we have thank him for giving such a lovely protégé who spread the Sri vaishnavism. he played a vital part in molding Ramanuja and also made other expert also mould his pupil . He protected him like a How a cat does to it little ones.



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