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As soon as you land you will be greeted by Small Compact Rajagopram, bang opposite is the a Small Pushkarani and adjacent to your right hand you will find a small shrine dedicated to Seeriya Thiruvadi and  next you will find our prestigious Ahobilla Mutt Veda Patashala and school. ( To know more about the school and details please click here).

Now you enter the temple , let us start from  a small Pradhikshna, first you will  find Dwajasthambam , then take left you will find Executive Officers Office ,then Next you will find a small Sanidhi for Chakarth Alwar, a beautiful Murthy, next to it is Sannidhi of Kavithariki Simham majestically sitting and giving a radiant smile and next to it is Alwars Sannidhi ( Nine Alwars are there)  and , After having darshan of  Alwars and Acharyan ,if we look straight we see a small separate Sannidhi for our Jaganmathe. Ya lo behold it is the Sannidhi of Janakavalli Thayar ( Her picture you can see in picture gallery, { some of the pictures are the courtesy of Sri V C Govindarajan of Muscat who is my well wisher and through him only I had the bhagyam of visiting the Madhuranthakam twice ( His two brothers are Pradhana archakas of Madhuranthakam temple. My first trip was to Cover the temple for website and second time to participate in Panchasamaskara Vybhavam of Acharya Sarva Bhauvman  last year in the month of August , I am sorry i am launching this website on Panchasamaskara Vybhavam of this year) . A Majestically sitting Thayar is great, She is showering all her karunyam on her bhakthas.  Her Sannidhi was renovated by English Collector of those time. The kainkaryam is engraved in the small mantapam before Thayar Sannidhi then after seeing our mother we come and join the main paraharam then turn right walk few feet , then you will find the Maghizam Tree and place where Ramanuja Got his Panchasamaskara done from Periya Nambhigal, ( a small mantapam is there ) , you go around and then you find a small Sannidhi for Andal , Periya Alwar and Namalwar, and  Namalwar. Now turn right you will now be entering the Perumal Sannidhi, you are greeted by huge figure of Dwarapalakas Jayan and Vijayan. Then You can see the Uthsavar Vigraham of Sri , Bhoo Devi Samedha Karunakara Perumal ( It is said it was the aradhana moorthy of Ramachandra Moorthy) .Then in next high pedestal you will find The Seetha Lakshmana Samedha Kothandarama Moorthy . Then at the last you will find the Moolavar of Seetha Lakshmana Samedha Kothandarama Moorthy ( They are very big moorthy and see how radiant smile is there in the face) Here it is said he is giving darshan to his devotees in Kalyana Thirukolam, Only in Madhuranthakam temple he is seen holding the hands of Seetha mathe ( as far as my knowledge goes only here he is giving darshan holding Piratis hand) . Then you come out and on left side you will find a small Sannidhi for Periya Thiruvadi, Next to it is the Sannidhi of Guru and Shishya ! wondering who it is none other than our Emperumanar and his Guru Periya Nambhigal. It is the only place you can find our Acharya Sarva Bhauvman Ramanujan in Gruhastha attire  ( Velai Sathupadi / white Dhoti ) . And it is the only place where you can find Emperumanar along with his Guru. We will see more details in another page. Then the last Sannidhi is of Lord Lakshminarasimha , Adbutha Kesari Sitting majestically and telling I am there to Protect you , why are you worried. and with this we end our virtual tour of Temple , then if you come out you can see the Pushkarani, then if you travel to Main road you can see the Famous "Madhuranthakam Eri "  which was protected by Our Lord Rama and Lakshmana. Then it is also more important here we have a Padithurai ( bathing ghat) named Bhashyakarar Padithurai , it is here in this holy bank of this Eri our Emperumanar got his Panchasamaskara done from Periya Nambhigal more details in another page. and our Madhuranthakam Virtual tour ends here.


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